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Amazing-Grains is a small bread bakery, based in Olney, Milton Keynes, England .
We began as a microbakery, baking bread in the kitchen of a small cottage in Emberton, just south of Olney. We recently moved to larger premises at 17, East St. in Olney, with the potential to increase our range and volumes. Here we produce small batches, of wholesome, hand made, tasty bread with no additives, or processing aids of any kind!. We're also working on developing new baked goods.

    We place great emphasis on maximizing the real flavour of bread, using good honest flour, long fermentation, and either commerical or wild yeast (Sourdough).
Our definition of good honest flour, is flour which:
          •  Contains as much European grain as possible.
          •  Has been either stone-ground by craft millers, preferably using wind or water power.
          •  If roller milled, is milled in the UK, by small family firms of millers
          •  Is either untreated, or has no additives, other than the statutory vitamins required by UK Law

    Long cool fermentation naturally increases the flavour of bread, and breaks down some elements which cannot be easily digested . Factory type processes are fast, warm and use highly mechanized mixing . In order to produce flavours, improve the handling of dough and it's shelf life, they need to add flavour, chemical improvers, high levels of yeast, enzymes, and 'clean label' ingredients, which they don't even have to tell you about. They usually make their products within an hour . We prefer to knead our doughs gently, prove them, in cool places or overnight, for full and complete fermentation. This brings out the flavour  and naturally breaks down certain proteins in flour, such as gluten, which humans are unable to digest.

    We prefer to use only the minimum amount of yeast, or our own culture form yeast naturally occurring on the grain and flours and in the air.
Where other ingredients are added, i.e. herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, these are natural, unadulterated, and wherever possible, seasonal and locally sourced.  We also  avoid additives of any kind, including those designed to increase volumes, and ease of handling, whether they be 'natural' or otherwise.

We currently bake Tuesdays to Fridays, and are happy to take personal orders and retail these from our bakery on East St., in Olney. 

Our breads are available directly from us, or from Harvest of Olney, at Fountain Court in Olney. 
We can arrange delivery, in the early eavening either direct to Olney or Emberton, or you can order our bread to be included with any fruit and veg box delivery from Harvest of Olney

We are open Tuesday to Friday from 10.00am until 4.00pm 

We are a small enterprise which means we adhere generally to the following production schedule on these days :

Tuesday : Crusty White, Malted Grain, Baguettes
Wednesday: Malted Grain, White Sourdough and Baguettes
Thursday: Crusty White, Malted Grain, Brown or Seeded Sourdough, Marmite Bread and Baguettes 
Friday: Crusty White, Malted Grain, White, Brown or Seeded Sourdough, Marmite Bread , Sourdough Baguettes, and Foccacia with herbs and Cherry tomatoes

Our breads are also served in many of the local restaurant of Olney and some surrounding villages

On the 1st Sunday of each month we sell our produce at the Olney Farmers Market, Market square Olney from 9am until 1pm

Our bread production is limited to orders placed, plus a "Few" spare loaves, as as to reduce waste.
We aim to sell out most days, so to ensure you are not disappointed we advise that you order beforehand, by calling us, on 0771 415 3267.
Please note, that we need 24hrs notice for most products, and at least 48hrs for sourdough types.

Our products range is developing all the time. Below please find just a sample of the range we regularly produce.
  • Pain de Campagne, A french style country bread made with French T65 and Stoneground wholemeal rye flour
  • French Stick  A shorter form of Baguette, made, the traditional way with French T65 flour.
  • Crusty White  A classic English loaf, made using Shipton Mill's organic white flour using the traditional British overnight sponge method, where 20 - 25% of the dough has fermented for at least 24hrs 
  • Foccacia with either fresh Rosemary or dried herbs & Cherry Tomatoes, or Olives, using French T65, enriched and painted with extra virgin olive oil, and topped with flakes of Maldon sea salt.
  • Love Mymate!, a tasty, soft, chewy, round shaped loaf, fully flavoured with a well known brand of savoury yeast extract, To our knowledge not available anywhere else. Please note we do not add salt when making this bread, so that it remains compliant with the FSA (Food Standards Agency) guidelines for reduced salt.
  • Sourdough loaves, Small or Large, long or Round naturally fermented loaves using either organic white or mixed flours in 400gr/800gr sizes (48hrs notice required), can also come with added Pumpkin and Sunflower seeds. 
  • Malted Grain Similar to a Granary loaf, but made with Shipton Mill's Organic Light Malthouse brown flour.
For the latest news, pop-up events, and specials, check out our Facebook page AmazingBread or follow us on Twitter @amazinggrains 
If you're from the Olney area, call us now on 0771 415 3267  to order, and rediscover the true taste of real bread.