Corona virus update

Post date: 13-April 2020 21:19:47

In view of the Covid-19 crisis, we are taking some measures to protect you, our customers, as well as ourselves. Under current government guidelines, you are permitted essential travel, (a reasonable distance), to buy food, including our bread. We do ask however that, you consider our mutual safety by familiarising with, and observing the latest UK government guidelines

Our East St. Bakery

If you are free of symptoms you can come to the bakery at 17, East St., Olney to purchase bread. We request that only one person enters the retail area (bounded by the door, and barrier tape) at any one time.

Please knock and wait for response to ensure the area is unoccupied.
Please wear a face covering.
We would prefer that payment is made using a contactless payment card or device.

Hand sanitisation facilities are available at the retail area.

If you are self isolating, and live in or around Olney, we will endeavour to deliver individual bread orders. Please call us on 0771 415 3267 to discuss your requirement or situation. Our breads can also be ordered for delivery along with fruit & veg boxes from Harvest of Olney .

Olney Farmers Market

Olney Town Council continue to run and manage the Olney Farmers Market which takes place on the first Sunday of each month. We continue to trade on this market, along with other local food traders.

To ensure compliance with rules on physical distancing, we have introduced a queuing protocol using guide poles and tapes . Two people can queue whilst one is at the serving area.

We don't like to wrap our products in plastic film, especially as it can sweat during warm periods. We believe it's appeal is enhanced by it's natural appearance, so we continue to display in baskets. However, we have invested in "Sneeze Guards" ,as a barrier to any potential contamination. They're so clear you hardly notice them in front of our stall . See the photos below .

We also request all payments are by Contactless cards or device. However, for the minority who can not use or have forgotten their cards ,we are able to accept cash which we sanitize at the end of the day.

Thank you for continuing as customers, and we hope you and your families stay safe and well during this period

Please form an orderly line

Spot the "sneeze guard", and contactless card terminal.