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Amazing-Grains, makes Amazing Bread!

Amazing Grains - makes amazing bread!

posted 4 Apr 2011, 04:01 by Gareth Roberts

Welcome, this website is a work in progress, and will be developed in conjunction with our business. 

Amazing-Grains is  a new type of Bakery, producing small batches, of wholesome, hand baked, tasty bread without artificial additives. We place great emphasis on maximizing the real flavour of bread, using good flour, slow, cool fermentations,to bring out the taste, texture and goodness, which process based factories have lost, or tried to replace by adding chemicals. This is why we use naturally occurring wild yeast, or just the minimum amount of fresh commercial yeast required. Where other ingredients are added, we ensure these are natural, unadulterated, and wherever possible, locally sourced. .

We currently bake twice weekly, on Wednesday for specific orders and also on Friday, again to specific orders as well as our Twilight Baskets. The Twilight baskets are available two of the locality's finest pubs, the Bell & Bear, in Emberton, from 6.00pm and the Robin Hood, in Clifton Reynes, from 7.00pm. Most loaves are sold out by 8pm, so you'll either need to reserve, in advance, or get there early!

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